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in the automation

FG AUTOMAZIONI was founded in 1988 immediately setting itself a complex objective: to create a single reference point for our customers, in order to establish a relationship of availability and trust so as to consolidate a long-lasting and constructive affiliation connection.

“Our satisfaction is the creation of your ideas” is a motto that sparked our motivation and over the years has pushed us to grow and implement professionalism and complementary services, right up to the present day; we now have facilities with an electrical and mechanical technical department, the electrical and mechanical workshop, advanced tertiary aid and automation process software programming. The team members are all focused on a specific skill, collaborating without stopping in order to successfully meet all needs. Professionalism, dynamism and reputability are the basic characteristics of every single worker.

Thanks to these qualities, the company FG Automazioni grows more every day, constantly expanding in Italy and abroad and bringing home excellent results and continuous goals.

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