Operating sectors

Our satisfaction is


Together we can study innovative solutions, with continuous technological innovation, to respond to all your needs.
We are at your complete disposal for consultancy, design and unique creations.
You can put your trust in our team of experts, who work together in perfect harmony from the idea to the implementation, to achieve a successful result.


Industrial automation

FG AUTOMAZIONI is internally organized with an entire department for the design and production of systems for industrial automation. We produce control systems for machinery, production lines, assembly chains and process development and management. Your ideas are studied by the internal technical department (engineers and technicians) for the best possible creation of your system.


Industrial distribution

The energy distribution systems are always the nerve centres and heart of every company.
With us you can develop and implement all the solutions to your needs.


Tertiary sector

We complete the services provided for you with all types of systems which are essential for the security and transmission of data of all production companies.