Industrial automation

From design to


FG AUTOMAZIONI is internally organized with an entire department for the design and production of systems for industrial automation. We implement control systems for machinery, production lines, assembly chains and process development and management. Your ideas are studied by the internal technical department (engineers and technicians) for the best possible creation of your system.

Hollow glass

Everything comes from here; the fusion of ingenuity and creativity have led to the implementation of works that have travelled around Europe, from France to Belarus.

Waste treatment

As time passes, our world needs to breathe and live. With our creations, for example grinding lines or scrubbers and biofilters, we are looking towards a better future.


We build control plants for suction systems, for the purpose of optimizing the functions and consumptions connected with many production sectors.


Shuttles, calibrators, storage roller conveyors, automatic winders and much more. Find out with us what we can create.

Custom automation

Haven’t you found what you’re looking for yet? Don’t worry, we make non-standard and unique systems and automations for all your needs.

Transport tapes

We design and create transport systems of standard tapes and non-standard, to be applied to any sector.