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FG AUTOMATIONI was founded in 1988 with an ambitious goal: to become the point of reference for our clients through availability and trust, to forge a long-lasting and productive collaborative relationship.

“Our satisfaction is to realize Your ideas,” a motto that has guided us and allowed us to expand over the years, enriching our offer with professionalism and additional services. Today we are equipped with a sophisticated technical office, both electrical and mechanical, specialized workshops, and advanced capabilities in software programming for industrial automation and support for the tertiary sector. Our team, specialized in well-defined roles, works incessantly to effectively meet every single need. Competence, energy, and integrity constitute the foundation of the profile of each of our collaborators.

Thanks to these solid foundations, FG AUTOMAZIONI continues to grow day by day, expanding its presence constantly both in Italy and abroad, achieving excellent results and continuous milestones.

We operate in

three different areas